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The jelly cake has been a popular Alexandria dessert for over 125 years. It was introduced in Old Town Alexandria in the late 1800's and quickly gained a regional following. 

The Jelly Cake is a uniquely created dessert; Thin layers of buttery pound cake are generously topped with homemade preserves and butter cream, and dusted with powdered sugar. 

The Jelly Cake was recognized beyond the DC area, throughout the United States. Local celebrity weatherman Willard Scott introduced this Christmas tradition to an entire nation. The queen of England was said to have brought home the dessert to England in the 1950ís. It was named by the Washington Post as one of the DC Metro area products that must be tasted, for anyone who considered themselves a DC Metro resident.

Jelly Cakes were especially popular during Christmas and Easter, as the delicate dessert proved to be a good compliment to traditional family dinners. 

Unfortunately, Alexandria's famous dessert was nearly forgotten several years ago.

We have worked to carefully replicate the delicate flavor of the lost Alexandria treasure for all to once again enjoy.  We use close-held family recipes and top quality ingredients when preparing our Jelly Cakes to make sure the Alexandria tradition is continued.

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